Sentiment Detection

Sentiment detection allows you to decide of a given text talks positively or negatively about a subject. Sentiment detection is a common building block of online reputation management services for companies. Such a service scans social media, blogs and editorials, figuring out the general publics mood towards a company.

Feature Demonstrator

Our features page walks you through all the functionality Sensium currently offers. You can try out html cleaning, tokenization, stemming & normalization, part-of-speech tagging, sentence segmentation, named entity recognition, keyphrase extraction, summarization and sentiment detection right in your browser.

Demo-App: Sentimeter

The sentimeter application is an examplary use case for the sentiment detection feature of the Sensium framework. You can search for a specific tweet and get the overall mood towards the related tweets. If a tweet contains an embedded link, the linked article is also processed and the article sentiment is given.